Important Information for Buyers

Buying real estate is a complex transaction. There is so much information available on the internet, it can be hard to figure out what applies to you and your neighbourhood. We have helped over 3,500 families move; let us guide you through the process.   

Value of Using a REALTOR ©  for your search

Knowledge of:

  • The market
  • The location
  • The history
  • Long term and short term trends

So what does that mean?

  • We educate you about market value so you don’t overpay
  • We give you the history and trends in the neighbourhood
  • We know what is selling and why
  • We are focused on delivering the knowledge of the market and processing the information to help buyers make informed decisions.

10 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Home
We have lots of information for you, but these ten top tips are a good place to start.    Read more …

Buyer Costs
In addition to the purchase price, you’ll need to set aside enough money to pay for a number of additional fees and expenses.   Read more …

What Could Go Wrong?
Buying real estate in Toronto can be a challenge, there is so much information on the Internet, that it can be hard to figure out where to begin.  This series of videos will lead you through the process so that you can find your dream home and avoid the many potential pitfalls because a mistake when buying real estate can be not only very costly but also very stressful.  Click here…

It’s Time to Make an Offer
Put yourself in the seller’s shoes and imagine how they will react to everything you’re about to put in your offer.  Oral promises are not legally enforceable when it comes to the sale of real estate.   Read more …

From Offer to Closing
Once your offer has been presented to the seller the negotiating process begins.  There are likely to be numerous counter-offers going back and forth between you and the seller.  There are a few important things to remember.   Read more …

Buyer Resources
Whether you’re moving across town or across the world, there’s a lot you need to know.  Here are some shortcuts to help you, based on our 30 years of experience helping to relocate people just like you.   Read more …

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