Its Time to Make an Offer

We will craft a written offer which communicates all your wants, while protecting your interests.


We prepare a comparative market analysis so you will be knowledgeable as to the fair market value of the property you’re purchasing. The following factors could affect your offer price:

  • Property condition
  • Recent home improvements
  • Market conditions (that old supply and demand again)
  • Multiple Offers

Deposit Money

The deposit demonstrates your sincerity about purchasing a home.  An average deposit is 5 – 10% of the purchase price.

Financing Contingency

If you are arranging a mortgage, your lender may require a financing condition.

Home Inspection

A professional home inspection is money well spent in the long run.  No home is perfect and small maintenance-type things found by the home inspector are not usually part of any renegotiations with the Seller.  

Multiple Offers

It doesn’t have to be a ‘hot’ market for a Seller to have the luxury of choosing between multiple offers on their property. If you find yourself in a multiple offer situation don’t panic.  We have strategies which are designed to increase your chance of success in multiple offer situations. Having  well-seasoned REALTORS® familiar with the process, who have a good reputation among their colleagues and peers, can be instrumental to your success in a multiple offer situation. 

Take a look at our What Could Go Wrong videos for more information on the offer process.

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