The time to declutter is NOW

The time to declutter is NOW

If you’re thinking of moving house sometime in the next year, the time to declutter is now!

Two of the most common situations we encounter are sellers who, once they’ve made the decision to list their home, want it on the market immediately and homes that are overflowing with possessions. While staging may be advised for some homes, for many, clearing out cupboards and closets and reducing photos, books and ornaments is all that’s required. The transformation can be amazing.

So rather than wait until the last minute, start working on the problem while it’s prime yard sale season. Reduce, recycle and breathe easier once all that clutter is gone.

Imagine how good you’ll fee walking into a closet like this!

Tidy closet

We have a page on our website with suggestions of where to sell or donate items you no longer need.  If you need help, get in touch and we can send  you the names of some professionals who have helped our clients in the past.

Take a look at these before and after shots for some inspiration! 

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